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Jessica Weaver’s life was perfect. Her handsome, gregarious husband, a public relations consultant, made a good salary and provided her with a lifestyle to be envied. However, when Daniel goes away on a business trip and doesn’t return, Jessica, whose world revolved around her husband of five years and their marriage, has to rebuild her life and recover her self worth. Along the way, she discovers values that help her in her struggle to become whole. $ 12.95 ISBN: 978-0-9799273-3-1 Book Available:, Kindle, The Nook  and Dadielte Production, P.O. Box 1266, Moreno Valley, CA 92556-1266



The disappearance of the neighborhood mentor sends two youngScan 1 amateur sleuths on a search that takes them beyond the borders of their safe, sheltered world. “Mrs. Griffin is Missing” is one of a trio of stories involving two eleven-year olds – Bobby Thompson, outgoing, persistent, and curious, and Sonny Henderson, visually handicapped, intelligent, and introspective. Set in Harlem of the 1950’s, it is a time of family, community, and suspense. ISBN 0-595-37041-1   $11.95 Available at, and Barnes &,  Kindle and Dadielte Production.


BS TheNewcomer Front Cover 9 x 6 Someone is vandalizing the apartment building where Bobby Thompson and Sonny Henderson live. They are smashing out the lights in the hallway, writing graffiti on the walls, and turning over the trashcans.  The two amateur detectives must find the culprit(s) before they do more damage.  Are the boys up to the task?  This is yet another mystery that have the neighbors up-in-arms.  These two eleven-year-olds set out to solve this new mystery plaguing their Harlem community. ISBN 978-0-9799273-5-5   $6.99 This book is available in paperback from  and Dadielte Production; It is also available as an ebook  on Kindle, the Nook, and from Smashwords which distributes to Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo and other e-readers.



The Biography of Frances E. Williams, Actress/Activist

     A true renaissance woman, Frances believed in living
Francislife to the fullest. She was an actress/activist who throughout her life took the road less traveled. Her acting career spanned more than six decades beginning in the 1920’s at Karamu House, the oldest black theater in the United States, through stage, screen, and television. She was active in many social and political causes. This biography is a straightforward account of her life set against a background of historical changes.

ISBN 1-881524-47-7    $13.95 Available at For more information, visit     Also available at



BTHis older siblings have moved on leaving seven-year-old Sammy alone to await his turn.   The Big Table is the story of a young boy’s rite-of-passage from the children’s table to the family table. A warm-hearted tale of the family ritual to mark each child’s passage into the adult world. ISBN 978-0-9799273-4-8     $15.95 Available at All books also available at   Dadielte Production  P.O. Box 1266   Moreno Valley, CA 92556-1266 or contact  


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