About the Author

I am an author, writer consultant, and educator. I have written fiction, poems, book reviews and essays, too many short stories to count, two one-act plays, and a children’s play, The Big Table, which was produced at Frances Williams Corner Theater. The Big Table is now a picture book for ages 6-8 published by Dadielte Production. It is the tale of a family ritual that marks each child’s passage from the children’s table to the family table. His older siblings have moved on leaving seven-year-old Sammy alone to await his turn.

I am also the author of Meet it, Greet it, and Defeat it!the Biography of Frances E. Williams, Actress/Activist published by Milligan Books. (see http://www.francesplace.org.)

Daniel’s Wife is an adult contemporary novel. It is the story of Jessica Weaver, a woman whose husband abandons her after years of marriage. She must rebuild her life and recover her self worth. Along the way she discovers values that help her in her struggle to become whole. More than a story of a woman abandoned, it is also a story of love, friendship, and courage.

My second adult contemporary novel is Then Sings My Soul, a novel about a family, Hazel, a single mother trying to raise her two daughters, 17 year-old Tricia  and 14 year-old Shanell. Because of health issues, Ma’Dear, Hazel’s mother with whom she is estranged, comes to live with them.  As if dealing with the complications of raising teenagers, a invalid mother, and the possibility of losing her job isn’t enough. Hazel allows her ex husband to use their L.A. apartment as a mail drop which puts the family in danger.

Mrs. Griffin is Missing and Other Stories is the first in a series of Bobby and Sonny Mysteries.  Two eleven-year old amateur sleuths solve mysteries in their Harlem community.  It is for  preteens age 8-12.

The Newcomer is the second addition to the Bobby and Sonny Mystery series for preteens. Once again these two amateur sleuths set out to solve another mystery in their community.

The third addition to the Bobby and Sonny Mystery series is Mr. Moore’s Menagerie featuring their newest member Maxine. A new neighbor has moved into Max’s apartment building.  The Bradhurst Gumshoes curiosity is peeked as they observe Mr. Moore carrying boxes up to his apartment.  What are those smells and sounds coming from the boxes?  The amateur detectives set out to discover the mystery behind Mr. Moore’s Menagerie.

I am a member of the Riverside Renaissance Writers.  As an independent historian, I contribute articles for Black Past.org as well as book reviews for Goodreads.  Because of my love of travel, I am looking forward to publishing an ebook about my travel adventures and misadventures around the world.

Dadielte Productions provides editing, proofreading, and book reviews.Additionally, we are available to conduct writing workshops.  Contact anadoodlin@yahoo.com