African Literature published -1950’s, 60’s & 70’s and earlier


Achebe, Chinua                    Things Fall Apart, 1958

No Longer at Ease, 1960

The Arrow of God, 1964

The Man of the People, 1966

Girls at War, 1972

The Sacrificial Egg and Other Stories, 1962

Armah, Ayi Kwei                    The Beautiful Ones are not Yet Born, 1969

Fragments, 1969

Awoonor, Kofi                         This Earth, My Brother  1971

Beti, Mongo                            The Poor Christ of Bomba, 1956

Mission of Kala, 1958

King Lazarus

Clark, John Pepper                America, Their America, 1964

The Example of Shakespeare, 1970

Conton, William                     The African, 1960

Feldman, Susan, ed.              African Myth and Tales (Dell) 1970

Finnegan, Ruth                      Oral Literature in Africa, 1970

Gatheru, R. Mugo                   Child of Two Worlds, 1964

Greenberg, Josepj                  The Languages of Africa, 1963

Jahn, Janheinz Muntu

& Claus Peter Dressler     Bibliography of Creative African Writing, 1971

Kane, Cheikh Hamidou         Ambiguous Adventure, 1969

Kariuki, Josiah Mwangi         “Mau Mau” Retainee, 1963

Kaunda, Kenneth                  Zambia Shall be Free, 1962

Kenyatta, Jomo                      Facing Mount Kenya, 1938

La Guma, Alex                        A Walk in the Night

And a Threefold Cord, 1965

Laye, Camera                         The Dark Child, 1954

A Dream of Africa, 1971

The Radiance of the King, 1971

Matshikiza, Todd                   Chocolates for My Wife, 1961

Mboya, Tom                           Freedom and After, 1963

Modisane, Bloke                    Blame Me on History, 1963

Modupe, Prince                     I was a Savage, 1958

(reissued as A Royal African, 1969)

Moore, Gerald & Ulli

Beier, eds.)                              Modern Poetry from Africa,  1968

Mphahlele, Ezekiel                 The African Image, 1962

Down Second Avenue, 1959

In Corner B, 1967

The Wanderers, 1971

Mutesa II, Sir Edward, Frederick, William

Walugembi,  Luwangula Mutesa,

Kabaka of Buganda                Desecration of My Kingdom, 1967

Ngugi, James                          Weep Not Child, 1964

The River Between, 1965

A Grain of Wheat, 1967

Nkrumah, Kwame                    Dark Days in Ghana, 1968

Ghana, The Autobiography of Kwame Nkrumah 1957

Nyabongo, Akiki K.                The Story of an African Chief, 1935

(reissued as Africa Answers Back by H.H. Prince Akiki                                                                          K. Nyabongo, 1936)

Nyerere, Julius K. Ujamaa     Essays on Socialism, 1963

Odinga, Oginga                      Not Yet Uhuru, 1967

Okara, Christopher               The Voice, 1964

Ouologuem, Yambo               Bound to Violence, 1971

Oyono, Ferdinand                 The Old Man and the Medal, 1956

Boy, 1960 (also Houseboy)

Sembene, Ousmane              God’s Bits of Wood, 1962

Slater Montague                    The Trial of Jomo Kenyatta, 1955

Soyinka, Wole                         The Interpreters, 1965

The Man Died: Prison Notes of Wole Soyinka 1972

Soyanka, Wole  and O. Fagunwa The Forest of a Thousand Daemons (free translation

of Fagunwa’s Yoruba novel), 1968

Turnball, Colin                       The Lonely African, 1962

Zell,  Hans and Helene

Silver, eds.                  A Reader’s Guide to African Literature, 1972